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Wireless LED Up Lighting!

We offer the latest six in one RGBAW + UV Wireless LED up lighting with over 16 million colors to choose from including blush and white colors, in the Orlando area. LED Uplighting has been one of our biggest requests from our clients for Weddings Events. The use of LED up lighting has major advantages for you and your guests. Some of these advantages include

  • LED Uplighting is free of toxic chemicals, unlike fluorescent lighting which contains chemicals like mercury

  • LED Uplighting is extremely durable so as to withstand rough conditions

  • More flexible to allow for more design ideas

  • LED Uplighting is operational in all temperature conditions

  • More accurate light disbursement, so we can focus the light more accurately

  • Truer Colors to match your wedding colors

  • Operates at cooler temperatures, so parents of younger guests will not have to worry about their child  touching the light and burning themselves

  • No color shadow

Our LED Uplighting are great for all special events.

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